After Chiari Surgery 

Surgery was Wednesday August 23rd, and as you can tell I made it. My Neurosurgeon said it was a mess in the back of my neck and head, just as he thought it would be. 

Day after surgery selfie. My family said I looked terrible directly after.
It appears that I didn’t lose to much hair 👍☺

I was released from the hospital two days after surgery. I never vomited once!👍 That was surprising for all of us including Dr. Koebbe, he had warned me that vomiting would more than likely be the worst side effect after surgery. 

My movements are limited for a while. No bending, twisting, or squatting. I’ve got a lot of adjustments to get used to.

I’m so thankful to be home!! 😊💜


One Day Until Surgery

Tomorrow this will be no more…

So here we are, one day away from surgery. I’m running around the house putting Post-it notes on drawers and cabinets, because, we just moved about a week and a half ago.. My son and husband have no idea where most of our stuff is.

I must admit life has been extremely hectic, but, I’m remaining as positive as possible, because, I know my emotions affect my family…

 I am terrified!! Yet I walk around with a smile on my face.

 Tomorrow, the back of my head will be shaved and cut open. So today is the last day before my whole world drastically changes. 

Chiari is a monster. It torments you. Some days it makes you believe that you’re okay and you begin to try to live a normal life like you did before it got so bad and out of the dark it’s swoops in and knocks you down.

Humour in times of Anxiety

I am going through a whirl wind of emotions. With surgery about 4 days away my mind is all over the place. Humour has always been my place of refuge; sort of like Chandler on the epic series Friends, comedy, humour, they are my armour.

$1.07 can really go a long way sometimes

Walking through my local dollar store I found this little gem 😁 oh the smile this brought me is priceless! I’ve warned my family to watch out, now I’ve got a service bell. 

*ding ding*