Family Photo Bomb

We always take a picture in front of our Christmas tree. I’m sure most families do. Setting the timer on the phone, and quickly getting to your places.

This year our furry family members kindly reminded us that we were forgetting to include them! How dare us, really! Enter stage right, our silly dog Spencer, and of course Mr. Kitty was right behind him! 

Ha Ha Ha

Best Christmas picture ever!

Happy New year everyone!


I Wasn’t Given a Choice

That curl up and die feeling is not foreign to me, nor am I able to successfully evade it every day. As it should be plain to see, that is not a comfortable place to be. Just curl up and die the demons will cry. Not I I reply, not I! 

The scale of my pain, is to hard to explain, and harder still to understand. The body I live in was not a choice I was given. Who would choose to fight a battle daily?! Who in their right mind?! The choice was not mine! Yet here I sit, stuck with this shit! 

“My dear I don’t know how you do it..”

“The choice was not mine” I reply…


I woke today with my heart shouting ✨Thanks be to God, the Creator, the Great Redeemer, Father of  All things good! ✨ 

How blessed I am to be called His ☝

How grateful I am for His mercy and love! 

How thankful I am to learn the lessons He seeks to teach me and to walk the path He has laid for me πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

How Great is our God!

Communication|Relationships| Expectations

Real in-depth honest conversation, the type that’s hard to come by, is the type of conversation we should be having with the people we care about. More often than not this conversation is never had and is replaced with the assumption that people should know what we want, and how we want to be treated.

Sometimes, we fall in love with the idea of a person. I believe this is where our disappointment comes from. We tend to fall in love with our idea of a person and not the reality of that person… so we become disappointed when they don’t meet our invisible and unspoken standards. We feel mistreated and uncared-for simply because of our own expectations.

Without expectation there is rarely disappointment. Now that doesn’t mean that you should aim low and accept whatever treatment people give you, but what it does mean is you should not expect a person to know your thoughts and feelings without you communicating them, and vice versa.

With proper communication almost all conflict can be avoided.